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About Young Beauty

We are unique! The only webshop that sells exclusive products especially developed for young skin! Bij offering tweens and teens high quality natural luxury products we help them not only enjoy skincare but to preserve their skin as they grow into adulthood. Young skin differs from adult skin in structure and texture, therefore a different type of care is required. Avoid harmful chemicals that will only cause inflammation during their teen years. Hydrate acne-prone skin and keep your hands away from your face.

Our Brands:

We have searched high and low to find brands that meet our expectations. We wanted luxury brands that do what they say on the label! We wanted natural brands without any harsh chemicals. And we wanted brands that looked adorable! Mission accomplished!

You and your world:

Aside from the fact that natural products are better for you, they are better for the environment as wel. Our brands help to control your carbon footprint by the the way they harvest their ingredients and product and package their products. This is where we want skincare to go.

Who are we?

Team Young Beauty is based in The Netherlands and we love to package your orders and send them to you as pretty gifts. We always include a little gift to thank you for shopping with us. We are very happy to have you as our customer and enjoy answering any questions you might have; email, facebook, twitter. We will be turning English on Social Media soon so all can be read and shared.